Institute for Healthcare Education Leadership and Professionals


Founded in 2016, the Institute for Healthcare Education Leadership and Professionals (iHELP) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that works to increase the number of Black healthcare educators, leaders, and practitioners. iHELP achieves it’s mission in the following ways:

Providing high-quality professional development

Educating students about healthcare career choices

Educating teachers and guidance counselors about career options within the healthcare profession

Providing academic and experiential learning opportunities for students.

Strategic Goals:

Take steps to redress the underrepresentation of Blacks in healthcare educational programs, leadership, and practice through advocacy, education, and training specifically tailored for Black pre-K through 12 students and HBCU pre-healthcare undergraduates.

Work with public and private schools that are interested in designing and executing plans to educate Black students about healthcare careers.

Build a network of individuals and organizations that advocate for increasing the number of Blacks in healthcare at every level.