About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of the NABV, through its leadership and members, will be to “Build a network of individuals and organizations that advocates for Blacks in veterinary medicine at every level and profession”.

Vision Statement

The NABV state and local chapters will operate for educational purposes by promoting the NABV’s mission to provide a medium for blacks in veterinary medicine to engage with faculty, staff, and students through professional, social, academic and cultural activities for the purpose of building lasting relationships, instilling pride, and fostering diversity as an integral part of the veterinary medicine agenda by promoting the participation of people in the communities and supporting and further promoting the improved relations among diverse peoples throughout the nation and beyond.

Strategic Goals

  • Provide high-quality professional development;
  • Educate students about career choices;
  • Educate teachers and guidance counselors about careers in veterinary medicine profession; 
  • Provide educational opportunities and experiential learning opportunities for students; 
  • Development: membership (both individual and institutional), conferences, grants, and sponsorships;
  • Provide a network of mentoring opportunities at the professional and preprofessional level; 
  • Provide internships and clinical experiences for veterinary students;
  • Provide scholarships for pre-vet students; 
  • Build a network of individuals and organizations that advocates for increasing the number of Blacks in veterinary medicine at every level and profession;
  • Provide career planning and advice to professionals and pre-professionals;
  • Provide online resources – current research, application and admissions information.
​This organization embraces diversity, inclusiveness, and empowerment as core values and works to ensure that healthcare education and healthcare organizations learn to embrace these values as well.